spencerAssist™ Mobile Application

spencerAssist™: For Patients On-The-Go

spencer Assist New App

Version 2.0 Now Available for Download!

Manage Medication Routines...and More!

spencerAssist is a companion application for the spencer SmartHub and is part of the the spencer platform. This mobile application allows patients, caregivers, and/or clinical team members to manage medication routines, manage scheduled telehealth appointments, and collect important health information while patients are away from home.

Receive Reminders While Away From Home

spencerAssist reminds patients when it’s time to take their previously dispensed medication packs using spencer’s Meds on the Go feature.

Receive Reminders to Collect Health Info

spencerAssist reminds patients when it’s time to use Bluetooth-connected biometric devices to take their blood pressure, test their oxygen levels, measure their weight, etc.

Track and Participate in Appointments

spencerAssist helps patients manage telehealth appointments scheduled on the spencer SmartHub and participate in telehealth appointments from their mobile device.

Stay Connected to Care Teams with Surveys

spencerAssist allows patients to answer survey questions directly from their mobile device.

Provide Support and Peace-of-Mind

spencerAssist helps caregivers and care team members to support the patient’s medication routine, while also alerting them if a patient misses a scheduled dose.

spencerAssist Meds-On-The-Go Screenshots