Spencer Features and Benefits

How the spencer SmartHub Works

The spencer SmartHub

Seamless Patient Experience

spencer is the only data-driven, in-home support platform that combines drug adherence and daily engagement, while also providing the patient with the confidence of telehealth services and a 24×7 connection to the clinical support team.

Medication Dispensing and Adherence Tracking

By engaging its users with a user-friendly interface, spencer reminds patients to take their medications and delivers dispensing data (and other critical patient health information) to clinicians and caregivers.


spencer’s telehealth services bring research full circle with links that connect research teams with their patients 24×7 without having to leave their homes.

Patient Engagement

spencer’s easy-to-use touchscreen and friendly delivery of health status questions provide comfort to patients while giving clinicians near real-time visibility into their medication adherence.

Real-World Data Collection

Bluetooth-enabled monitoring devices collect critical patient health data, such as blood pressure and glucose levels, while spencer’s Quality of Life surveys provide near real-time insight to clinicians and caregivers.

Analytics and Insights

spencerCare® transfers data in near real-time so care teams have insights about adherence and other health outcomes for each patient. This quick and seamless access to data enables clinicians, pharmacists, and care teams to take action, ensuring that patients stay on track with their treatment.