About us

Patients have enough to worry about…
especially those with chronic and rare conditions.

The team at Spencer Health Solutions is dedicated to helping people take the right medications at the right time, every time, from the comfort of their homes.


Spencer Health Solutions sees a future where technology is accessible, easy to use, and connects all stakeholders in a patient’s health journey to ensure optimal outcomes.


Spencer Health Solutions strives to deliver a transformational patient experience that fulfills the promise of modern medicine and technological advances.

Our story

Spencer Health Solutions got its start from a medical encounter. Tom Rhoads experienced the stress and uncertainty of his father’s trip to the emergency room, which hit its peak when the doctor came out and asked Tom what medications his father was on. There was no easy answer to that seemingly easy question.

With his background in pharmaceuticals and entrepreneurship, Tom knew there had to be better ways to care for patients – and that he could be the one to put a team together to make that happen.

Tom founded a company to build a device that would replace the plastic bags and pill boxes that patients so often use. Those initial efforts grew into Spencer Health Solutions. Spencer is now a growing team of professionals dedicated to helping patients, researchers and clinicians improve patient engagement and medication adherence. View more…